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DCSolar, founded in 2006 with the a total RMB four hundred million investment, is specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling of high efficiency photovoltaic (PV) cells, modules, systems; providing technical service. Among the 500 staff members, there is 50 scientific research technical personnel. As high-tech enterprise at State level, we have set up Technology and Inspection Center of Jiangsu Province for solar cells and modules. At present, the annual silicon cell and module production capability surpasses 550MW. The panels has been exporting to over 100 countries and regions, main market including China, European Union, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, South America, South-East Asia and Africa.

DCSOLAR is committed to provide the most cost-effective photo-voltaic products, possessing a wide range of panels and full certificates. Its Scientific and standardized product database provides the customers with online registration, query and tracking service. Large-scale production and management facilitate us to adopt high quality raw materials in the highly automated production lines.The advanced ERP, MES manufacturing system integrated with CRM enables us to yield high quality panels. Our ultimate goal is to become a worldwide leading branded manufacturer and operator in solar rooftop systems.

The brand name ”DCSOLAR” is registered in over 80 countries, enjoying a high reputation in the global PV market, is no doubt a symbol of reliability and excellent after-sale service. The company inherited the Group’s 36-year manufacturing philosophy of meticulosity, striving to provide all its customers with the most valuable products and services. The products have been tested and approved by all major leading authority testing boards and certifications including TUV, CSA, IEC, CEC, MCS, JET, CE, BPPT, FSEC etc. We attach great importance to the standardization and scientific management, approved by quality management system ISO9001:2008, environmental management system ISO14001:2004 and occupational health and safety management system OHSAS18001-2007.

DCSOLAR’s global sales centers, service centers and storage divisions are scattered all over the world including Shanghai, UK and Australia, providing 24-hour service.


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Contact: Derek Wang

Phone: +86 18798977200



Whatsapp: 08118166

Add: Jiangsu Province, China TianHe District, Jiangsu


Jiangsu Province, China TianHe District, Jiangsu


+86 18798977200

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